AIGA Always Summer Poster Show 2010 Poster #2

The second poster I submitted for AIGA Jacksonville’s Always Summer Poster show was for the song “Destruction of a Statue” by the band Suicide Silence. I felt like the mixtape part of the show could use some metal…. and blood 🙂

Watch the video for the song and bang your freakin head!

Singer, Mitch Lucker sings about the destruction of beauty. The statue image is actually a digital sculpture from Scott-Eaton (check em out, they are sick!). I wanted to achieve an eroded look for the statue. I created some texture using the Ink Outlines filter in Photoshop then vectorized the image in Illustrator. The bloody background is a vector tracing of my own blood. Long story short, a long long time ago, I had a crazy bloody nose and my sink was nasty and bloodied up. I thought it was the coolest image, so I took a picture of it and finally used it in a poster. You can say it’s little bit of me in the composition! The black scratches behind the statue is the bands old logo from their 1st EP, in which “Destruction of a Statue” was first recorded. Check it out!

Jesse Sison Suicide Silence Destruction of a Statue AIGA Poster

Jesse Sison © 2010


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