AIGA Always Summer Poster Show 2010 Poster #1

On September 25th, the AIGA Jacksonville Chapter successfully held their second annual ‘Always Summer’ Poster Show & Mixtape. The idea is to pick a song(s) that remind you of summer and turn it into a poster. Last year I chose a song by Soulfly (check out my 2009 entry).

This year I chose to do two posters. The first one I did was a poster for the song “Suave (DJ Blass Remix)” by the group Calle 13. They are one of the very very few reggaeton groups I like. They don’t produce the typical poppy reggaeton music like Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, etc. Calle 13’s music is a creative mix of hip-hop, experimental, cumbia and electronic music, among others. Their lyrical content is strange, perverse and humorous. I dig it! Below is the music video for this song.

The poster borrows the imagery used on the cover of their self-titled album. Some of the elements in the composition are from other songs on the album, ie the giraffe, the ants etc. Yes, I am aware that it kind of looks like the Skyy Vodka ad. I’ve never seen the ad until my classmate made the reference. Anyway, I really enjoyed the process of illustrating this poster. I also enjoyed the strange faces people made when they looked at it at the poster show lol! If you can see the hidden imagery, leave a comment stating what you think it is!

Jesse Sison Calle 13 Suave DJ Blass Remix Poster

Jesse Sison © 2010


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